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Sightseeing and travel guide for Iwate

Exploring Iwate Prefecture: Sightseeing, Dining, Lodging, Hot Springs, Activities, and Souvenirs

Iwate Prefecture, located in the Tohoku region of Japan, offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Here are some recommendations for your visit:

  1. Wanko Soba: Try the local specialty of Iwate, Wanko Soba, a type of buckwheat noodle dish served in small bowls. Enjoy as many bowls as you like.
  2. Morioka Reimen: Sample Morioka Reimen, a refreshing cold noodle dish topped with kimchi, cucumber, and a tangy sauce.
  3. Grilled Wanko Fish: Indulge in fresh and grilled local fish, such as salmon or trout, prepared with simple seasonings to enhance the natural flavors.
  4. Iwate Wagyu Beef: Treat yourself to delicious and tender Iwate Wagyu beef, known for its marbling and rich taste.
  5. Mochi: Try different flavors and varieties of the famous soft and chewy mochi (rice cakes), including the renowned "Motsu Mochi."
  1. Morioka: Choose from a variety of accommodations in Morioka City, including hotels, ryokans, and guesthouses.
  2. Hachimantai: Stay in Hachimantai, a mountainous area known for its hot springs and scenic beauty.
  3. Miyako: Consider staying in Miyako, where you can find accommodations with stunning ocean views if you plan to explore the coastal areas.
Hot Springs:
  1. Hanamaki Onsen: Relax in one of Hanamaki's famous hot spring resorts, known for therapeutic waters and traditional ryokans.
  2. Hachimantai Onsen: Enjoy hot springs surrounded by nature in the Hachimantai area, known for its beautiful autumn foliage.
  1. Nanbu Ironware: Purchase beautifully crafted cast iron products from the Nanbu region, known for its traditional craftsmanship.
  2. Morioka Sansa Odori Goods: Bring back souvenirs related to the Morioka Sansa Odori Festival, such as festival masks, drumsticks, or T-shirts.
  3. Nanbu Tekki Cast Iron Tea Kettles: Take home a traditional Nanbu Tekki cast iron tea kettle, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Iwayado Tansu: Consider buying Iwayado Tansu, traditional wooden chests crafted in Iwate, known for their intricate designs and durability.
  5. Local Sake: Choose from a variety of locally brewed sake from Iwate prefecture, known for its high-quality rice and water.

These recommendations should give you a starting point for exploring Iwate and experiencing its unique offerings. Remember to check the local travel guidelines and operating hours of attractions and accommodations before your visit. Enjoy your journey in Iwate!

Iwate Gourmet and Souvenir Guide

Exploring Iwate Prefecture: Specialties, Local Foods, Restaurants, and Souvenirs

Iwate Prefecture, located in the Tohoku region of Japan, offers a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and delicious local cuisine. Here's a detailed guide to your Iwate experience:

Specialties and Local Foods:
  1. Wanko Soba: Experience the unique dining style of Wanko Soba, where small servings of soba noodles are continuously served in small bowls. A popular specialty in Iwate, find Wanko Soba restaurants in cities like Morioka.
  2. Jajamen: A local dish featuring thick noodles topped with savory soybean paste-based sauce. A must-try in Morioka, the capital city of Iwate.
  3. Wanko Yakisoba: Similar to Wanko Soba, enjoy small servings of yakisoba (fried noodles) continuously. A specialty of Hanamaki City.
Popular Restaurants:



  1. Morioka Sansa-odori Goods: Find souvenirs related to the Sansa-odori festival, such as fans, keychains, or T-shirts, in Morioka.
  2. Nanbu Tekki: Discover Nanbu Tekki ironware, crafted using traditional techniques. Look for teapots, pans, or decorative pieces as sturdy souvenirs.
  3. Local Sake: Consider purchasing locally brewed sake bottles, a special gift or souvenir.
  4. Morioka Reimen Instant Noodles: Bring back instant noodles from local shops to recreate the dish at home.
  5. Local Crafts and Artwork: Find unique handmade items showcasing Iwate's pottery, textiles, and woodwork.

While exploring Iwate, be sure to try the local specialties, immerse yourself in cultural experiences, and appreciate the stunning natural beauty. Enjoy your trip!

Seasonal festivals and events in Iwate

Festivals and Events in Iwate Prefecture: Celebrating Culture, History, and Beauty

In Iwate Prefecture, Japan, several festivals and events take place throughout the year, showcasing the region's rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Here's a look at some of the festivals and events during each season:

  1. Hanamaki Hina Doll Festival (March): This festival in Hanamaki City displays a large collection of traditional hina dolls, representing the imperial court. Visitors can admire the intricate craftsmanship and learn about Japanese cultural traditions.
  2. Kenji Miyazawa's Spring Festival (April): Held in Hanamaki City, this event celebrates the life and works of the renowned Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. It includes various performances, exhibitions, and workshops that highlight his literary contributions.
  1. Kitakami Tenshochi Cherry Blossom Festival (Late April to Early May): Located in Kitakami City, this festival features over 10,000 cherry trees along the Kitakami River. Visitors can enjoy hanami picnics, nighttime illuminations, traditional performances, and food stalls.
  2. Sansa Odori Festival (August): Taking place in Morioka City, the Sansa Odori Festival is one of Iwate's largest and most energetic events. It features thousands of dancers parading through the streets, accompanied by taiko drumming and lively music.
  1. Kamaishi Unosumai Autumn Festival (October): Held in Kamaishi City, this festival celebrates the local fishing culture and features lively parades, traditional dances, taiko drum performances, and seafood delicacies.
  2. Tohoku Kizuna Festival (September): This event takes place in Morioka City and showcases the cultural heritage of the Tohoku region. Visitors can enjoy traditional music, dance performances, local crafts, and regional cuisine.
  1. Iwate Snow Festival (February): Held in Morioka City, this festival celebrates the winter season with various snow sculptures, ice slides, snow activities, and illuminated displays. It offers a magical winter wonderland experience.
  2. Kuji Kamisuki Onsen Ice Waterfall Festival (February): Located in Kuji City, this festival showcases stunning ice waterfalls created by pouring hot spring water over wooden frames. Visitors can witness the frozen beauty and enjoy hot spring baths.
Special Features:

Iwate Prefecture offers a combination of cultural festivities, natural beauty, and historical attractions. From cherry blossom viewing in spring to snow festivals in winter, there are diverse experiences to enjoy throughout the year. Whether you're exploring the stunning landscapes, participating in lively festivals, or immersing yourself in the region's cultural heritage, Iwate promises a memorable sightseeing journey.

Temperature and weather conditions in Iwate

Climate and Temperature Overview in Iwate Prefecture

Iwate is a prefecture located in the Tohoku region of Japan, known for its diverse landscapes, including mountains, coastline, and historic sites. Here's an overview of the climate and temperature in Iwate throughout the different seasons:

Spring (March to May):
  1. March: Temperatures range from 1°C to 9°C (34°F to 48°F).
  2. April: Temperatures range from 6°C to 15°C (43°F to 59°F).
  3. May: Temperatures range from 11°C to 19°C (52°F to 66°F).

Spring brings cherry blossoms, and various parks and gardens in Iwate, such as Morioka Castle Park and Tenshochi Park, offer beautiful hanami (flower viewing) spots.

Rainy Season (June and July):
Temperatures range from 16°C to 23°C (61°F to 73°F).
Temperatures range from 19°C to 26°C (66°F to 79°F).

It's advisable to bring rain gear or an umbrella when visiting during this time.

Summer (August to September):
Temperatures range from 23°C to 30°C (73°F to 86°F).
Temperatures range from 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F).

The prefecture's coastal areas, such as Sanriku Coast and Jodogahama Beach, are popular destinations for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.

Fall (October to November):
Temperatures range from 12°C to 19°C (54°F to 66°F).
Temperatures range from 6°C to 13°C (43°F to 55°F).

The Hachimantai and Appi Kogen areas are known for their beautiful fall colors, attracting visitors to enjoy the scenic landscapes.

Winter (December to February):
Temperatures range from 0°C to 6°C (32°F to 43°F).
January and February:
Temperatures range from -3°C to 2°C (27°F to 36°F).

The prefecture offers excellent winter sports opportunities, with ski resorts like Appi Kogen and Geto Kogen attracting skiers and snowboarders.

Special Features in Iwate:

When planning your trip to Iwate, consider the weather conditions, pack appropriate clothing, and explore the region's natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural attractions to make the most of your sightseeing experience.