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Recommendations for Sightseeing, Dining, Lodging, and More in Kagawa, Japan:

Hot Springs:

These recommendations should enhance your sightseeing and travel experience in Kagawa, Japan. Enjoy your trip!

Kagawa Gourmet and Souvenir Guide

Kagawa Prefecture Specialties, Local Foods, and Souvenirs:

Specialties and Local Foods:
  1. Sanuki Udon: Kagawa, particularly the city of Takamatsu, is renowned for its Sanuki Udon. These thick and chewy wheat noodles are often served in a soy-based broth with various toppings. Look for local udon shops and try this regional specialty.
  2. Olive Products: Kagawa has a unique climate suitable for olive cultivation. The prefecture produces high-quality olive oil, olives, and olive-related products. Look for olive oils, olives, or olive-based snacks as souvenirs.
  3. Seafood: Kagawa is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea, offering a variety of fresh seafood. Look for local seafood restaurants to enjoy sashimi (raw fish), grilled fish, or seafood hot pots featuring the catch of the day.
Popular Restaurants for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:
  1. Yamadaya: Located in Takamatsu, Yamadaya is a highly rated restaurant specializing in Sanuki Udon. Enjoy their delicious udon dishes in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Nakano Udon School: Nakano Udon School in Kagawa offers a unique experience where visitors can learn to make their own Sanuki Udon from scratch. After the class, you can enjoy the udon you've prepared.
  1. Sanuki Manju: Sanuki Manju is a traditional sweet from Kagawa. It is a steamed bun filled with sweet red bean paste. Look for various flavors and designs of Sanuki Manju as sweet treats to take home.
  2. Handmade Crafts: Kagawa has a rich history of traditional crafts. Look for locally made pottery, ceramics, textiles, or other handmade crafts as souvenirs. The city of Kanonji is particularly known for its pottery.
  3. Kagawa Sake: Kagawa Prefecture is home to several sake breweries. Consider bringing back bottles of locally brewed sake as a memorable and authentic souvenir.

Remember to explore local markets, specialty shops, and boutiques in Kagawa to discover more regional products and souvenirs that capture the essence of the area. Enjoy your trip and the delightful culinary experiences in Kagawa!

Seasonal festivals and events in Kagawa

Festivals and Events in Kagawa Prefecture Throughout the Year:

  1. Setouchi Triennale Art Festival: Held every three years from spring to autumn, the Setouchi Triennale is a renowned international art festival that takes place on various islands in the Seto Inland Sea, including some in Kagawa Prefecture. The festival features contemporary art installations, exhibitions, performances, and interactive artworks, providing a unique artistic experience amidst the stunning island landscapes.
  2. Sanuki Takamatsu Festival: Celebrated in early May, the Sanuki Takamatsu Festival is one of the largest festivals in Kagawa Prefecture. The festival showcases traditional performances, parades, and music throughout the city of Takamatsu. Visitors can witness lively processions, taiko drum performances, and street food stalls.
  1. Mitoyo Sunflower Festival: Held in July, the Mitoyo Sunflower Festival takes place in the town of Mitoyo. Fields of vibrant sunflowers come into full bloom, creating a breathtaking scenery. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant yellow flowers, participate in sunflower-themed events, and take memorable photos.
  2. Shodoshima Summer Night Festival: Shodoshima Island, known for its olive groves and picturesque landscapes, hosts the Summer Night Festival in August. The festival features fireworks, traditional performances, food stalls, and local products. Visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere while experiencing the island's natural beauty.
  1. Marugame Castle Autumn Festival: Marugame Castle, located in Marugame City, holds an autumn festival in October. The festival includes traditional performances, martial arts demonstrations, and various cultural activities. Visitors can explore the castle grounds, enjoy the autumn foliage, and immerse themselves in the local traditions.
  2. Shodoshima Olive Park Autumn Harvest Festival: Shodoshima Olive Park celebrates its bountiful olive harvest with an Autumn Harvest Festival in November. The festival offers olive-themed events, food tastings, and market stalls. Visitors can learn about olive cultivation, sample local olive products, and enjoy the park's scenic beauty.
  1. Kagawa Prefectural Citizens' Festival: Held in late January, the Kagawa Prefectural Citizens' Festival is a lively event that takes place in Takamatsu City. The festival features parades, performances, traditional dances, and local food stalls. Visitors can experience the vibrant atmosphere and join in the celebrations.
  2. Shikoku Karst Winter Illumination: The Shikoku Karst Plateau, which spans across Kagawa and Ehime prefectures, hosts a Winter Illumination event from December to February. The plateau is adorned with enchanting illuminations, creating a magical winter landscape. Visitors can stroll along illuminated paths and enjoy the scenic views.

Special Features of Kagawa Prefecture:

Ritsurin Garden:

Located in Takamatsu, Ritsurin Garden is one of Japan's most famous traditional gardens. It boasts exquisite landscapes, meticulously designed ponds, and beautiful teahouses. Visitors can wander through the garden's serene paths, enjoy tea ceremonies, and appreciate the harmony of nature and architecture.

Naoshima Island:

Naoshima is an art island known for its contemporary art museums and outdoor installations. Visitors can explore the Benesse Art Site, which features unique artworks integrated into the island's natural environment. The island itself serves as a canvas for artistic expression, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

Udon Noodles:

Kagawa Prefecture is renowned for its udon noodles, which are thick and chewy wheat noodles served in various delicious broths. Kagawa is often referred to as the "Udon Prefecture," and visitors can indulge in the local udon dishes at numerous restaurants and specialty shops throughout the region.

Exploring the festivals, art, natural landscapes, and culinary delights of Kagawa Prefecture will provide you with an enriching sightseeing experience. Enjoy your trip!

Temperature and weather conditions in Kagawa

Climate and Temperature in Kagawa During Different Seasons:

Spring (March to May):
Rainy Season (June to July):
Summer (July to September):
Fall (October to November):
Winter (December to February):

Remember to check the local weather forecast before your trip, as temperatures and weather conditions can vary each year. Enjoy your sightseeing and travels in Kagawa!