Adventure World

Pandas, Safari, Aquarium, and Amusement Park in One!

This is a rare theme park in Japan that combines a zoo, an aquarium, and an amusement park.
With the theme of interaction between humans, animals, and nature, visitors can see up close approximately 1,550 marine and land animals living in their natural habitat.

Several giant pandas are bred here, and most of them were born in Adventure World. Visitors can see pandas spending their time freely in a roofless space.

Safari World is a train-type ride on the Kenya, which takes about 1,500 meters (about 25 minutes) around the park to see all the free-ranging herbivorous and carnivorous animals.
Visitors can also walk around the park with the exception of the Lion and Bear zones.

Visitors can feed giraffes, mouflon, camels, emus, and kangaroos by purchasing food from vending machines in the herbivore zone.

At Marine World, visitors can watch dolphin and whale shows and see polar bears, penguins, fur seals, and seals in the indoor aquarium.

There are Cape penguins, capybaras, pygmy hippos, a petting zoo where you can play with small animals, and a play zone with roller coasters and a giant ferris wheel.


Adventure World
Official Site
2399 Kata, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Telephone number
Hours of operation

9:30-17:00, subject to seasonal changes

Admission fee

One-day admission ticket
Adults 4,800 yen (18 years old and over)
Seniors 4,300 yen (65 and over)
Middle 3,800 yen (junior high school and high school students) <age 12-17
Child 2,800 yen (infant/elementary school student) <age 4-11

2-Day Ticket
(2 days admission within 3 days from the date of issue, excluding days the park is closed)
Adult 8,400 yen (18 years old and over)
Seniors 7,700 yen (65 years old and over)
Junior 6,300 yen (junior high school and high school students) <age 12-17
Child 4,300 yen (infants and elementary school students)〈4-11 years old

Parking lot
Regular vehicles: 1,200 yen

By train:
JR West Japan Kisei Honsen “Shirahama Station” (limited express stop) → 10 minutes by bus

Highway bus:
Highway buses (via Hanwa Expressway) are available from Osaka Station, Namba Station, and Kyoto Station.
Express night buses are available from Omiya, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama Stations.

From Hanwa Expressway, Kisei Expressway, Nanki-Shirahama IC to Shirahama Airport Flower Line Route (prefectural road)

Nanki Shirahama Airport → 10 minutes by cab
Nanki Shirahama Airport → 5 minutes by bus
Nanki Shirahama Airport → Less than 1 hour on foot

Wakayama Shirahama, Nachikatsuura, Kushimoto Kansai
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Shirahama, Nachikatsuura, Kushimoto