Blue Pond

Fantastic contrast of blue water and Japanese larch

The Blue Pond, also known as “Shirogane no Aoi Ike” (Blue Pond of Biei) or “Biei Shirogane Aoi Ike” (Blue Pond of Biei), is a popular tourist spot, known mainly to photographers for its mysterious blue water and fantastic scenery of standing dead trees.

It is said that the different water components of the spring water near here and the main stream of the Biei River mix together to reflect the sunlight, giving the pond a beautiful blue color.
Therefore, the color of the Biei River flowing on the opposite side of the weir of Aoi Ike is also blue, similar to that of Aoi Ike.

The color changes with the seasons and weather because the color changes depending on the composition of the water and sunlight. In spring, when a lot of snowmelt water flows into the river, the river becomes a slightly emerald green blue, and in early summer it becomes a light blue.
After heavy rainfall, the water becomes muddy and does not look blue.

Blue Pond is a puddle

This artificial pond was created by accident when water accumulated in one of the weirs constructed along the main stream of the Biei River to prevent volcanic mud flow disasters caused by sediments from the 1988 eruption of Tokachi-dake volcano.

In 1989, a concrete block weir was constructed, and water began to accumulate in the block weir on the left bank of the Biei River, submerging and killing larch, white birch, and other trees that had grown wild in the surrounding area.

As a result, the scenery of dead larch trees and a blue pond was created by chance.

The scenery changes with the seasons

The pond's blue color contrasts with the fresh greenery, the surface of the water is colored with autumn leaves in fall, and in midwinter, the pond freezes over and turns completely white, offering a different view each season.

Blue Pond Light-up

The pond is illuminated seasonally to create a mysterious sight.


Blue Pond
Official Site
Shirogane, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Admission fee

Free of charge

Parking lot
270 spaces, 500 yen

Approx. 20 minutes by car from JR Biei Station

Approximately 20 minutes by Dohoku Bus

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