Koyasan is a training center for Shingon esoteric Buddhism, founded by Kobo Daishi about 1,200 years ago, and home to the head temple Kongobuji. Koya was registered as a World Heritage site as “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range. Various halls and pagodas stand in a mountain basin at an altitude of about 900 meters, and Buddhist statues and mandalas welcome worshippers. In the inner sanctuary, lined with dense cedar trees, the graves of various people, from Toyotomi Hideyoshi to the heroes of the Pacific War, stand side by side.


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Koya Town, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
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Parking lot
There are four free parking lots on Koyasan: in front of Daijyo Garan, Reihokan, in front of Kongobuji Temple, on the north shoulder of the section of Wakayama Prefectural Road 53 from Tamagawa Ryokan to Houtokudo, and in front of the approach to Nakanobashi Okuno-in Temple. Koyasan, as well as pay parking lots operated by local souvenir shops.

By train:
From Gokurakubashi Station, the last stop on the Nankai Koya Line, take the Nankai Kosaku Line (cable car) to Koyasan Station.
Take the Nankai Rinkan Bus or a cab to the mountain.
The bus-only road leads to Nyonindo. The road to the Daimon gate via National Route 480 can also be taken on foot, although it takes longer.

Express buses run on some days.

From Wakayama City, take the Hanwa Expressway north to the branch before the Kinokawa SA, then take the Keinawa Expressway east, exit at the Kattsuriki-nishi Interchange, and drive south on Prefectural Road No. 125, then take National Road No. 480 (West Koya Highway) up the mountain to the Daimon gate of Koyasan.

From Route 24 along the Kino River, take Route 480 from Katsuragi Town. Another option is to take Route 370 from Kutoyama-cho to Yamauchi via Route 480 via Hanasaka, but the latter is a narrower road and the road conditions are poor.

From the direction of Osaka Prefecture, take the Nabetani Pass Road from the Kishiwada Izumi Interchange and follow National Route 480 toward Kutoyama.

From the direction of Ryujin Onsen, go via Koya Ryujin Skyline (Route 371).

This is the closest station to the Koya Pilgrimage Route:
Machiishimichi is Kutoyama Station on the Nankai Koya Line or Koyanoguchi Station on the West Japan Railway Wakayama Line.

Kyodaisakamichi is Gakubunji Station on the Nankai Koya Line. It is also close to Kawanejuku on the route from Koyasaka Station.

Kurokawa Road is at Hashimoto Station or Kii Shimizu Station on the West Japan Railway Wakayama Line and Nankai Koya Line.

Wakayama Koyasan, Kudozan
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Koyasan, Kudozan