Matsumoto Castle

A national treasure, a jet-black castle with a five-storied keep

Matsumoto Castle was originally built as Fukashi Castle during the Eisho Era (1504-1520) of the Warring States Period.
It is designated as a National Treasure as one of the existing castle towers, and the castle ruins are designated as a National Historic Site.

Only five castles have been designated as national treasures; the others are Himeji Castle, Inuyama Castle, Hikone Castle, and Matsue Castle.
Only Matsumoto Castle and Himeji Castle have a five-story castle tower.

The exterior walls, from the first to the uppermost layers, are covered with black lacquered clapboards, and the contrast of black and white reflects the background of the Alpine mountains.

The castle is the only one of the 12 existing castle towers built on a flat site (Hira-jo), with the main, second and third towers all laid out in an almost square shape.

The castle tower is a composite structure of five stories and six floors, with a dry small tower connected to the northern face of the main tower by a ferry, and the Tatsumitsuke and Tsukimi-yagura turrets on the eastern face.
The Tatsumitsuke and Tsukimi turrets were added during the Edo period and have a graceful atmosphere with red balustrades.

Matsumoto Castle Park
The surrounding area, including the Honmaru Garden, has been developed as an urban park, and various events are held throughout the year.
Visitors can enjoy the changes in the park’s flora and the surrounding mountains throughout the four seasons: cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring, wisteria flowers in early summer, the coolness of the moat in mid-summer, autumn leaves in fall, and the snowy peaks of the Northern Alps in winter.


Matsumoto Castle
Official Site
4-1 Marunouchi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
Telephone number
Hours of operation

8:30 - 17:00 (last admission by 16:30)


Year-end (December 29 through 31)

Admission fee

Keep and Honmaru Garden
Adults 700 yen
Child 300 yen

Parking lot
110 spaces for regular vehicles, 24 spaces for large vehicles

20 minutes on foot from Matsumoto Station (East Exit (Castle Exit)) on JR Shinonoi Line, Oito Line, and Alpico Kotsu Kamikochi Line

Approximately 7 minutes on foot from Kita-Matsumoto Station (East Exit (Castle Exit)) on the JR Oito Line

From Matsumoto Station bus stop, take the Matsumoto Dentetsu Bus Town Sneaker North Course for approximately 10 minutes and get off at the Matsumoto Castle Kuromon stop.

From Matsumoto Bus Terminal, take the Matsumoto Dentetsu Bus bound for Asama Onsen, etc. (approx. 10 min.) and get off at Daimyo-machi Bus Stop.

By car:
15 minutes by car from the Matsumoto Interchange

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