Matsuyama Castle

Impregnable, a masterpiece of castle architecture

The famous castle stands on the summit of Katsuyama Mountain, almost in the center of Matsuyama.
It stands on the summit of Katsuyama, 153 meters above sea level, and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Together with Himeji Castle and Wakayama Castle, it is one of Japan’s three great interconnecting flat mountain castles.

Construction of the castle began in 1602 by Yoshiaki Kato, one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake, and was completed in 1627. It was completed in 1627.

The castle was completed in 1627. It is one of Japan’s representative interconnecting flat mountain castles, and the castle tower, which was rebuilt in 1854, is still in existence.

The castle tower, turrets, and a total of 21 other buildings are designated as national important cultural properties, and it is the symbol of Matsuyama City, selected as one of the “100 Great Castles of Japan” and the “100 Most Beautiful Historical Climates in Japan.

The castle is located in the center of Matsuyama City, and the main circle, which was built by cutting down a peak and filling in a valley, is also famous for its cherry blossoms.


Matsuyama Castle
Official Site
1 Marunouchi 1, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone number
Hours of operation

9:00-17:00, vary according to season


3rd Wednesday in December (for cleaning)

Admission fee

Ticket for Matsuyama Castle Keep
Adults 520 yen
Child (elementary school student) 160 yen

Ropeway/lift round-trip ticket
Adult 520 yen
Child (elementary school student) 260 yen

Parking lot

Pay parking lot


10 min. by tram from Matsuyama Station → 5 min. on foot from Okaido Street
10 min. by tram from Dogo Onsen → 5 min. walk from Okaidou

Ehime Matsuyama, Dogo Onsen Shikoku


Matsuyama, Dogo Onsen