Road of Patchwork

Patchwork pattern on a large scale

Fields spread out on the large undulating hills in a patchwork pattern of different colored fabrics sewn together.

This fairy-tale-like landscape, reminiscent of European countryside, is called “patchwork hills.

The hilly area with many roads running through it, including a wide-area farm road that stretches to the west of Biei, is called “Road of Patchwork,” and is a popular sightseeing spot dotted with poplar trees and other locations where many commercials have been shot.

The hills change their colors according to the season, and the mountains of the Daisetsuzan mountain range can be seen in the distance.

The Nature of Patchwork Patterns

In order to prevent continuous cropping, in which the same crops are grown repeatedly on the same land, the fields look like a patchwork because potatoes, wheat, beans, beets, and other crops are planted in different order during different growing seasons and harvesting periods.

Famous scenic spots

Ken and Mary Tree
Mild Seven Hill
Seven Star Tree

Wheat straw rolls

The wheat-colored rolls seen in Biei are made by machine-rolling wheat straw after the ear tips of wheat have been harvested.

A roll of wheat straw is huge, weighing approximately 300 kg.
It is used as bedding for cattle.
This is a sight that can only be seen from the end of July to August, when wheat is harvested.


Road of Patchwork
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